Because your choice matters (あなたの選択が大事だから)

Because your choice matters (あなたの選択が大事だから)

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アパレル業界が、実はファッション業界が 石油・ガス産業に次いで 世界第2位の 環境汚染産業だということは、最近よく知られるようになって来ました。


 企業が、そのシーズンに売れ残った商品を焼却処分したり、廃棄したりすることは大きな原因の一つです。アメリカだけでも 毎年1300万トンもの 布地や衣服が廃棄物になっており、これは平均で1人あたり200枚のTシャツが ゴミになっている計算です 。


残念なことに、多くの商品を廃棄しているだけでなく、毎年購入する衣服の生産には多くの資源が使われます。平均して、一世帯あたりの毎年の服の購入量に対して、バスタブ1,000杯分の水が必要です 。また衣服は原料のコットンの生産地から、少しでも人件費が抑えられる工場、そして実際にお客様への元へと世界中を旅します。その輸送費や燃料も、環境汚染に大きく加担します。









Because your choice matters (あなたの選択が大事だから)



I’d like to express my sympathy to all the victims of the hurricane Hagibis in Japan.


It has been well known these days that the fashion industry is the second-largest polluter in the world behind the oil and gas industry.


Every season, fashion brands abandon or burn their unsold products. One of the biggest factors is that almost 13 million tons of clothing and textile waste end up in landfills every year in just the United States alone. This averages out to be roughly 200 T-shirts per person ending up in the garbage. 


The unfortunate reality is, not only do we waste a lot of the things we do consume, but we also use a lot to produce the clothes that we buy each year. On average, a household’s purchase of clothing per year requires 1,000 bathtubs of water to produce. If you consider the fuel amount, it might be even more serious, because clothes are often produced in different process and must travel all over the world, like from the origin of cotton, dyeing and sewing factory and to the end customers.  


Well, the introduction was long enough. From this season AYANOHAKURA will take on new challenges to be more sustainable and start with recycled materials and plant origin “Tencel”.


First of all, I’ll start with women`s t-shirts made of cotton touch fabric, which is recycled by old clothing by “Bring” material. They enabled to recycle used materials scientifically and produce new polyester clothing. It has UV-cut function, high-water absorbing/ quick-drying, and reduced micro-fiber during laundry which has been always the big theme of AYANOHAKURA. (no waterproof)


Environmental Pollution is getting more serious day by day. However new innovation appears every day, too. Every of your purchase is a vote. Please support me and the products which lead us to the better future. 


“Because your choice matters”

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