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・薄いデニムのような風合いのあるセイラーブルー(Sailor Blue)



肩巾 38cm
身巾 48cm
袖丈 55.5cm
身丈 71cm



Premium Cotton Shirt
・Sailor Blue (shimmers like light denim)

The classic and timeless shirt which can be worn both on weekdays and weekends. Draping designs fits naturally to feminine body lines. You can turn up the collar without being flashy.
Sewn flat at the sides.

It’s made of 100% premium cotton, but it is also hydrophobic (water-resistant) and lipophobic (oil-resistant) and thus liquids resistant.
The cotton helps disperse perspiration, preventing both underarm rings and odors.

All products used the making of our fabric as well all manufacturing processes have been certified by REACh (the European Union standard). The aim of these standards is to protect consumers from health and environmental risks.

The INDUO® guarantee: what are the conditions of this guarantee?
The fabric resists liquid food spots when you follow the care instructions (pour water on spots, machine-wash the garment). It is also breathable and prevents the creation and spread of rings (except for medical or extreme conditions). As long as your INDUO® fabric garment is used in the intended conditions and is correctly cared for, it should conserve its properties throughout its entire lifespan.

Is this a lifetime guarantee?
No: the guarantee applies to the fabric’s resistance to liquid spots and perspiration for its entire useful lifetime.

What does “intended use” mean?
The “length of useful life” is the lifespan of a garment or shirt when it is worn for its intended use. All garments have a limited lifespan but this can’t be defined by a specific number of days since it depends on use (number of times worn, respect of intended use) and care (respect of care instructions).

To gauge the length of useful life, we suggest using common sense: if your garment is worn out (misshapen shirt collar, detached button, frayed elbow, snagged or torn fabric), it might be time to buy a new one.

One Size
Shoulder: 38cm
Arms: 55.5cm
Length: 71cm

Made in Japan.

The system does not allow us to accept any returns, please contact us if you have any questions, especially regarding our sizing.
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